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A often heard advice is: go for a walk during your breaks. Here is why.


That feeling when you can’t put your phone down. 

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This is what I did with that horrible sketch I made some days ago.
This one started as a way to solve/clear my mind from some problems that I had from a bigger and longer project which I have yet to finish but since I’m a sucker for most of my sketches I decided to make this portrait a proper separate piece.
Also, I’m not good at making/fond of typical stylized faces, partially because I love imperfection, seeing the nuances in the tones of the skin, etc… so I also tried experimenting in order to find a middle-point that I liked.Comments and critique are more than welcome.

Strawberry Icebox Pie

Sleep is so important and underrated, and it does wonders for you! Please don’t make staying up late a habit, even when there’s work you “have” to do. >n< Having enough sleep can make you more productive the next day.

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